Dog Walking in Etobicoke

Welcome! My name is Danny Levy — and the beautiful yellow — haired girl is Rachel- and together, we've been taking Etobicoke dogs on daily walks, runs, romps and adventures for sixteen years,* full time...

Our daily runs are much more than just mid- day "relief" (although they ARE that)... and a long hike or high- energy romp is more than merely good exercise — though our runs are that, too. Dogs are pack animals- highly social creatures who crave (and thrive on) the company of their own kind- and it's that daily companionship, social interaction, and continuity that Rachel and I can provide for a few lucky dogs. Our clients are much more than just well exercised — they're happy, contented dogs!

Mine is a one-man (and, of course, one-dog) business. My expertise is not in running a company or hiring employees or franchising... my expertise is in understanding and bonding with dogs. Neither my experience nor the bond I establish are transferable to anyone else. As a result, my services are exclusive to a very few dogs in a small area... and until I can clone myself, that's how it will stay.

Browse around the site — and if you're interested, feel free to contact me . I promise I'll return it that evening!



* Actually, Rachel wasn't born till '05... but before her, there was Cleo.... and before HER, there was Sam.....

The route

  • Islington Village
  • Baby Point
  • The Kingsway
  • Riverside
  • Sunnylea/Swansea
  • Bloor West Village


We would have no hesitation in recommending Danny Levy. He is quite simply an outstanding, caring, compassionate, responsible and trustworthy individual who is much more than a "dog walker". We have trusted Danny with the care and exercise of our beloved Springer Spaniels for over a decade. We think of Danny as part of our family, and our Springers think so too!"

Judy L. Munro